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Insulation Systems

Specialist in Insulation Systems

Specialist in Insulation Systems

Insulation systems using: Gutex, Multipor, Schnider, Fermacell, Calcitherm, Rigidur, Optima, Wood fibre, lime & Hemp.

Foamed glass (recycled)as insulation

Foam Glass Aggregate is an insulation material for underground use. Recycled foam glass aggregate saves energy and also contributes to a comfortable indoor environment. It is light weight, load bearing, draining, and insulating. It is a high quality foamed glass gravel made from 100% recycled glass.

lime & Hemp


One of the strongest natural fibres, is a natural and renewable material, with a fast growing season (up to 3 meters in 4 months), and potential for 3 harvests per annum, the processing of which is non toxic, with low environmental impact. The hemp plant produces multiple resources including oils for foods and cosmetics but the ‘shiv’—typically a waste product—is an ideal material for a bio aggregate with a low embodied energy value compared to gravel based aggregates.

lime & Hemp.

In addition to the excellent properties of each material, both of which have attractive environmental features, the material synergy between hemp and lime is excellent. When used in timber frame the wood provides load bearing capacity, the hemp acts as a bio aggregate—which like the wood gives further carbon sequestration—and the lime acts as a binder, which also protects the bio elements via its high PH level, thus avoiding the need for timber preservatives. Indeed it is this enabling capacity of the lime that is pivotal to the successful combination and facilitates the use of hemp, which replaces a gravel based aggregate, using the ‘shiv’ waste of the hemp product, which being a bio material significantly increases the volume of carbon stored in the construction, one of its unique environmental benefits.

Ecological Benefits

Lime hemp construction also presents important vapour permeable and hygroscopic properties, ensuring that constructions can be breathable. The lime can also provide protection to timber members, thus avoiding toxic chemical treatment, and lime hemp is also fire and vermin resistant.

Wood fibre


Between stud insulation in timber frame structures. Between rafter insulation. Ceiling insulation, Partitions / drywall structure


Optima Dry Lining System.

A high performance renovation solution - for insulating older houses from the inside. OPTIMA has been developed by insulation experts, ISOVER, to improve thermal & acoustic performance, where outer facade or cavity wall insulation is not an option. OPTIMA insulation offers a simple solution for the quarter of a million solid brick houses currently in Ireland, as well as many more cavity wall homes.


The Gyproc, Thistle, Gypframe and Glasroc product brands provide the basis for the UK's leading partition, wall lining, ceiling, flooring, insulation and fire protection systems.

Gypsum fibre plasterboard.

High performance impact resistant gypsum fibre board for use in the GypWall EXTREME system. Gives high levels of sound insulation, Class A2 and Class 0 reaction to fire performance and excellent fixing strength. Offering superior mechanical strength, dimensional stability and environmental benefits, Rigidur H is a gypsum fibre board, manufactured from recycled paper fibre. It has been developed for high traffic applications and to meet the specialist requirements of modern methods of construction, including off-site manufacturing. The 100% recyclable board is also available in bespoke sizes for improved productivity and reduced jointing.



CALSITHERM CLIMATE BOARD is made from calcium silicate, a micro porous mineral building material with effective insulating properties which is highly diffusion open: the nature of the material and properties of the board ensure a comfortable living environment through its ability to regulate humidity. The high PH and molecular structure of the material means that mould growth is inhibited. Stacks Image 80 Reduced heating costs, Easy to work with and install, Increased value of the restored building, Improvement of room climate Custom profiles available, Interior insulation of existing buildings, Maintain brick, stucco- and ornamental facades with additional thermal insulation, Effective utilisation of the heating system when quickly heating interior rooms in public buildings, meeting rooms and offices, Humidity control and generation of a healthy room climate in hospitals and charitable institutions, Increase in comfort and mould damage prevention.


fermacell® gypsum fibre boards.

The high-quality, particularly stable finishing board has fundamentally changed the entire drywall construction industry and thus made the fermacell® brand big and strong. Today, fermacell® gypsum fibre boards and the water- and weather-resistant Powerpanel® H2O boards stand for fast and economical expansion concepts for all areas of interior construction. Pioneering innovations have made fermacell® one of the best-known building material brands in the industry and the European market leader for high-quality gypsum fibre and cement-bonded boards.

fermacell Flooring Elements

consist of two 10 mm or 12.5 mm thick fermacell Gypsum Fibreboards glued together. The two boards are offset from one another, so that there is a 50 mm wide rabbeted edge. The element dimensions are 1500 × 500 mm (with 0.75 m² surface area). fermacell Flooring Elements are available with and without different insulation linings. The elements are laid as a floating installation “in succession”.


Certified ceiling elements from best wood SCHNEIDER

Particularly in housebuilding, the sound protection is of high importance for the wellbeing and the health of the human being, since the home serves to feel comfortable and to relax.

Wood fiber insulation board

Weatherproof on-roof insulation and rain-proof sarking • anti-slip latex coating • enhanced insulation value TOP 160 is a pressure-resistant, weatherproof insulation board and a rain-proof sarking board, classified as ZVDH class 3 (ZVDH = Federation of German Roofing Contractors). Furthermore, TOP is also ideally suitable for weatherproof facade insulation on both-closed and ventilated curtain wall facades. Due to the use of paraffin (wax), the best wood board is completely water-repellent. The surface is equipped with an anti-slip latex coating. TOP 160 is weatherproof for up to 12 weeks’ outdoor exposure. The application of nail sealing tapes is not necessary. TOP 160 is to be laid on pressure and joint free. Even the smallest joints have to be closed with best wood underlays-adhesive sealant UDB before installing the counter batten.


Multipor ceiling insulaiton and basement ceiling insulation

In the construction of commercial or private underground parking garages, when building a house, or renovating a building – without effective ceiling insulation, energy will be lost through the ceiling. The Multipor ceiling insulation system fulfils energy and fire protection requirements with the highest ecological quality and optimal efficiency. The Multipor mineral insulation board is an ecological, completely mineral insulation material based on the natural raw materials sand, lime, cement, and water, mixed with a pore generator. These contents make Multipor into an ecologically friendly, toxin-free building material. The mineral boards are manufactured in a closed circuit that is 100% sustainable and economical, from the natural resources used, to production, and finally disposal. This high degree of environmental friendliness has been certified by the German Institute of Construction and the Environment (IBU). In addition, Multipor has been awarded the natureplus quality certificate as a sustainable and future-ready product. The exceptional longevity and the sustainable quality of the Multipor ceiling insulation systems also contribute to its positive eco-balance. The Multipor external thermal insulation composite system can be processed simply, rapidly, and securely. The Multipor mineral insulation boards are lightweight, can be cut by handsaw, and are free of fibers and toxic substances. Even challenging building geometries such as curves can be simply formed with a Multipor external thermal insulation composite system.


Facade Insulation System

GUTEX Durio®, the new eco facade insulation system from GUTEX, allows you to design as you fancy. Whether render, wood, slate or even zinc, there is now no limit to where your imagination can take you. With Durio®, you won't just feel good about the way your house looks; you'll feel good about the way it feels when you're inside, thanks to the system's ecological wood fibre, which creates an amazingly wholesome indoor climate. The façade insulation system comprises a timber frame that installs via special-purpose fasteners. This structure clads with GUTEX Durio® Thermowall, ecological wood fibreboard specially designed for the Durio® system. GUTEX Thermofibre®, a wood fibre blow-in insulation, fills the empty spaces behind the exterior cladding. Usually older buildings are more difficult to refurbish with new energy efficient facades. Durio® changes that. Now such buildings can regain their lost splendour whilst becoming more energy efficient, more comfortable and more valuable. GUTEX trains and certifies carpenters and roofers to install this exciting new façade system.

The roof system with rain-tight and hail-resistant sarking and moisture regulating between-rafter insulation

Refurbishing roofs with a GUTEX system is an investment that is sure to pay future dividends. The GUTEX Roof Refurbishment system includes GUTEX Ultratherm®, a rain-tight, hail-withstanding sarking board and between-rafter insulation in the form of GUTEX Thermofibre®, a highly efficient, moisture-regulating blow-in wood fibre product or GUTEX Thermoflex®, a flexible wood fibre batten. Combined with our system partner’s air barrier, this system delivers what its certification promises, whilst saving you money and preserving the environment. Further advantages include superb protection against cold, heat and noise.

Ecological external thermal insulation composite system

Use of suitable, high quality building products is the key to providing you with a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. GUTEX‘s external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), consisting of a single-ply homogeneous wood fibre insulating boards plus render, is exceptionally ecological and superbly fulfils these criteria. With their premium finished appearance, excellent suitability, workability, and building authority certification, GUTEX’s high-quality, natural building products deliver even more than you would expect from an external thermal insulation composite system.

GUTEX Thermoroom interior insulation system

Thanks to wood fibre’s excellent inherent qualities, GUTEX’s ecological interior insulation system creates wholesome living spaces with a comfortable indoor climate. Interior insulation is a consideration particularly for buildings for which exterior insulation is not possible or ill advised due to the historical significance or listing of a building. The advantages offered by interior insulation include the absence of scaffolding, insusceptibility of work to weather and the possibility to retrofit buildings gradually, one space, room or apartment at a time.

Window Integration System

Obtaining reliably tight joints in ETIC systems usually is a formidable challenge. And the performance of the entire system depends on the tightness of the joints. Window joints, however, are particularly complex and critical. Typically, windows are a building element where up to four different tradespersons are likely to be in play, including window contractors/architectural blinds installers, facade builders, plasterers, tinsmiths or stonemasons. This increases the potential of failure in what is already building envelopes’ weakest member. GUTEX Implio a precision-engineered integral system with quality-built components, leaves nothing to chance.